Indian Lovers Party is not aimed at minting money and neither do we intend to function as a cover for any illicit activity.
  • Indian Lovers Party is not aimed at minting money and neither do we intend to function as a cover for any illicit activity.
  • Kumar Sri Sri, the founder of the party, negotiated with the two disputing families and brought fruition to the wishes of lovers at a temple in Vadapalani, Chennai.
  • The All India Lovers Party launched almost a year ago was aimed at supporting lovers in their struggle.
  • All the lovers of the world unite.
  • Its objective is to heal the wounds inflicted in the hearts of lovers by society.
  • On Valentine's Day, several areas in the city were peppered with posters that stated "All the lovers of the World Unite" and went on to wish lovers the world over on this special day on behalf of the Indian Lovers Party.
  • Kumar Sri, Sri says that the problems he faced in his love life inspired him to from a party for lovers.
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    Indian Political Party’s Unique Platform: Love

    The founder of a new Indian political party—the Indian Lovers Party—believes that love is all you need.

    B. Kumar Sri Sri, whose beaming face is still plastered across the city of Chennai on posters left over from assembly elections earlier this year, says his party aims to work for the “success of lovers.”

    The All India Lovers Party, campaigning for couples kept apart by caste

    CHENNAI // Kumar Sri Sri wants to bring a bit of love to India's parliament.

    Even in a democracy known for its political diversity, Mr Kumar, a 35-year-old part-time make-up artist, stands out as founder and leader of one of the country's unlikeliest political groups, the All India Lovers Party (ILP).

    Motivated by the prejudices he had to overcome to marry his own wife, Mr Kumar created the ILP in 2008 to support couples who wish to marry despite parental disapproval over differences in caste and religion.

    Vote in the name of love

    For now, Kumar Sri Sri is happy with the ice-cream cup symbol allocated to him for political purposes Continue reading the main story

    "In the next 10 years, the Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party are going to have a new rival to contend with... my Indian Lovers Party," says Kumar Sri Sri.

    In a country where killings in the name of honour are not uncommon and canoodling couples are beaten up on Valentine's Day, Mr Kumar has set himself up as a defender of love.


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